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At Viking Material, we offer a wide range of packaging material solutions to help our clients protect and transport their products safely and effectively. This includes corner protectors, print inks, label stock, plastic banding, stretch film, tape, and packaging machinery. Our corner protectors are designed to safeguard corners and edges during shipping, while our print inks and label stock allow you to brand and identify your products. We also offer plastic banding, stretch film, and tape to secure and stabilize your products during transit. In addition, we have a range of packaging machinery to choose from, including baggers, sealers, and more. By choosing Viking Material for your packaging material needs, you can trust that you are getting high-quality products that will help your business succeed.

Corner Protectors

Print Inks & Ribbons

Label Stock

Oriented Polypropylene Films

PE Films & Bags

PE Shrink Films

Plastic & Steel Banding

Premium Shrink Films

Stretch Films


package machinery



Corrugated Boxes

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